Classical Ballet

Vocational / Major Grades - Intermediate Foundation and Advanced students are required to attend 3 Ballet classes and Strengthening classes. These classes are necessary to prepare the student for Pointe work and the Major exams. Students not able to attend all these classes are still very welcome however; entries for examinations will need careful consideration. Exams are held twice a year; students are invited to enter for their exam when they have reached their full potential in that particular grade.


RIGHT: Jasmine - Graduated 2016, commenced full time Senior program (Level 2) at Queensland Ballet in 2017 and was Semi-Finalist at Genèe International Ballet Competition


Pre-Grade 1  to 6 students are required to attend a minimum of 2 Ballet classes per week to ensure correct knowledge and performance of the exam criteria. 


The R.A.D graded syllabus has 3 sections within each grade and are covered in the ballet classes:

- Classical Ballet

- Free Movement

- Character


In 2016, The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio introduced Transitional Full-time Training Programs for Advanced and Intermediate students enrolled in Classical Ballet and Contemporary. The program is offered to students who attend a traditional school and/or distance education.


For more information please email the studio - 


Emily - Semi-Finalist at

Genèe International Ballet Competition.   |   10/15 McPherson Road, Smeaton Grange, 2567   |   (02) 4648 2252


  • The Academy’s patron is HM Queen Elizabeth II.
  • RAD membership supports the advancement of dance and includes professional dancers, teachers, students, benefactors and friends.
  • The Royal Academy of Dance is a registered charity # 312826.
  • The RAD is the worlds leading organization in Classical Ballet teaching.
  • A Global organization involving approximately 13,500 members across 83 countries.
  • 35 RAD offices worldwide, with 182 examiners.
  • 212,350 children take RAD examinations each year.


Sian -  Graduated 2016, commenced Pre-Professional year with The Victorian State Ballet Company in 2017 and was a Semi-Finalist at Genèe International Ballet Competition.