The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio in conjunction with Limitless Dance Company have developed a contemporary dance program to engage in training in all aspects of contemporary dance.  

Receive the support and industry expertise required to transform into sophisticated artist. Creating an environment that allows dancers to develop an understanding of their own individuality and creative expression.

Implementing ideas from biomechanics and applied anatomy will expand the mind and body to find efficiency of movement. Techniques such as Pilates, Classical Ballet, Yoga and other Contemporary practises are explored to embody a strong and authentic physicality. 

In a collaborative environment students will be active creators in their choreographic developments. By exploring various improvisation skills and methodologies students will enhance their performative presence.

Creative Opportunities:

-      Choreograph your own concept video in collaboration with our course director

-      Portfolio Editorial Shoot

-      Costume Design

-      Short Sharp + Dance Choreographic Submission


With a performance outcome in mind, students will flourish communicating their ideas and abilities worked on throughout the year. 

Performance Opportunities and Industry Experience

-      Mid Year Production Show Performance

-      Viewing Limitless Dance Company Stage and Studio Rehearsal 

-      Potential opportunity to perform in Limitless Dance Company’s upcoming season

-      Participate in Limitless Dance Company, Company Classes

An artist’s world is LIMITLESS, there are no boundaries when it comes to the imagination.

Our vision is to shift perceptions of what dance and art making can be by creating powerful and thought provoking experiences.

Limitless Dance Company was created to provide more paid performance opportunities for contemporary dancers in Australia. We are an independent project based creative contemporary dance company that prides ourselves on pushing the boundaries of dance both artistically and conceptually.

Defined by our unpredictability, innovative style; Limitless Dance Company is a sanctuary where those passionate about dance can celebrate it's past while simultaneously building it's future.

Head to www.limitlessdance.com.au for more information.