Terms & Conditions



At The Macarthur Ballet Studio we strive to find the dancer within, offering training to students aiming for a professional ballet career or those enjoying dance as a recreation. Our school appreciates and respects both and offers a nurturing and caring environment. 

Natural and early talent is not the only key to success. Patient, understanding teachers inspiring their young students with discipline and commitment is our main focus.


All enrolments will be registered in order of the direct debit form being received, please ensure that you re–enrol early as all enrolments are subject to reaching capacity. Your child’s place in all classes will be secured upon receipt of this form, in the event of a class reaching capacity you’ll be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available. 

Once your enrolment application has been received an email will be sent to you.

Our annual registration fee must be paid in full at the time of re-enrolment or initial enrolment.

Trail classes are available to all, subject to availability in the class. Please contact reception if you would like to try a new class and we will happily fit you in for a trail, provided the class has not reach capacity.

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio does not accept enrolments from families and students wishing to have duel studio enrolments. This must be disclosed at the time of enquiry, if a student is found to be enrolled elsewhere, enrolment at The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will be cancelled immediately, with payment for the current term being payable.


To ensure the smooth, safe running of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio and an enjoyable experience for all, the following is our code of conduct.

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio do not tolerate bad language or rude behavior from students or parents, especially in front of children. Whilst we recognize the necessity of technology with students completing homework in-between classes, the viewing of inappropriate internet sites will not be tolerated. We encourage students to have a positive attitude and to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Any behaviour deemed by The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio to be irresponsible will result in instant dismissal of all students within the family and direct debit will not cease until term commitment of fees has been fulfilled following the incident. No refund of fees will be given.

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio has a zero tolerance for all forms of bullying and intimidation whilst on the premises. Cyber bullying will also not be tolerated. Any form of bullying will result in instant dismissal of all students within the family and direct debit will not cease until term commitment of fees has been fulfilled following the incident. No refund of fees will be given.

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio takes no responsibility for any stolen or misplaced property on the studio premises. Please also remember to name ALL items of uniform for your child.

Only private lesson students are permitted to enter solo competitions and it must be with the permission of their teacher and choreographer.

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio reserves the right to change teachers and timetabling when necessary at any time throughout the year.

Choreography, costuming and music remain intellectual property of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio and may not be reproduced, performed, filmed or sold by any students, parents or staff without permission of the Director. No eisteddfod solos are permitted to be performed by students or ex-students under the direction of any other school an/or teacher. 

It is not the policy of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio to take time out of any class to speak with a parent unless in an emergency situation. If you need to meet directly with a teacher, an appointment must be made via email with information provided as to what the meeting is to cover, discussion topics not previously advised will not be covered.


When you enrol your child with The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio, all information provided regarding your child will be protected. We only collect information directly from our students or their parents/guardians primarily for the purpose of providing services and products to you and to administer and manage invoicing.

Information is stored securely and is only accessible by authorised personnel. Any information needing to be passed on will be done so appropriate privacy and confidentiality protection.


The study of dance, and classical ballet in particular, is a discipline that involves so much more than learning the steps. Dance teachers important life lessons such as respect for their teachers, self-discipline, the benefits of working hard, how to deal with successes and disappointments in life, perseverance and the joys of accomplishing difficult goals.

Apart of the rich history of dance includes the wearing of a particular uniform and a need for lovely and neat grooming. 

All students are required to wear the correct uniform during all classes

Please ensure all parts of your child’s uniform are clearly labeled. You will be amazed at the amount of lost property we generate.

All lost property is placed in a basket located in our waiting room on the second floor and will be cleared out at the end of each term. 


We have gone out of our way to provide amazing waiting facilities on the second floor for all parent’s students and siblings to wait before, during and after class. It would be greatly appreciated if this area is left tidy. The faculty of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio will take no responsibility for any person waiting in the waiting area.

There are at times large volumes of students coming and going to lessons. It is asked that you move quickly and safely with your child so as to lesson the risk of a child moving outside without supervision. 

Children are expected to behave appropriately at these times and not run around or be excessively noisy.

Onsite parking is available and we request all drivers take care when entering and leaving the premises. Parking must be in the allocated parking spots and not outside the front door. Children must be escorted to and from the building, please do not park at the studio door to drop off or collect your child.

Consumption of alcohol and/or smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises and car park.


The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio has a Social Media Policy that refers to all social networking sites, video/photo sharing sights, blogs, micro blogs, wikis, podcast, forums instant messaging and geo-spatial tagging. 

·     All photo/videos taken in class or at any performance can be used in promotion of Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. Please advise us in writing via email before the commencement of Term 1 if this presents a problem.

·     Any comments or posts perceived to be obscene, defamatory, threating, harassing, discriminatory or harmful towards our staff, students or families are not acceptable and will result in instant dismissal.

·     Social media posts directly related/or involving The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio must be respectful and in line with the culture of the studio.


Students wishing to be considered for their Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) Ballet exams need to attend a minimum of two ballet classes per week for Grades 1 - 8 and three ballet classes for Vocational Grades.

Pilates, Conditioning and Stretch and Strengthen classes are highly recommended for all students.

Registration for exams is on the recommendation of Director, Joanne Simms and will be considered individually and not as a class or group. Advancement through the grades is also at the discretion of Director, Joanne Simms.


Our annual concert is usually held in Term 4 and is an amazing opportunity for all students to perform for their friends and family.


At the Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio, we take pride in our Eisteddfod Troupes that span across many age groups and genres.

The criteria required for consideration into troupe is dedication, attendance, technical ability (appropriate for age), performance quality, hard work ethic and all students must attend two ballet classes. Membership of Troupe is a privilege and a strong consideration of student and parent commitment is recommended prior to submitting expression of interest.

Our Troupes are definitely hard work and require a high level of commitment; students must attend all classes and eisteddfods, if a student doesn’t fulfill their commitment (other than illness) they could be asked to leave Troupe.

For the children already participating in groups, these provide the most wonderful experience and teach the children about performing, teamwork, co-operation, many positive life lessons and a sense of putting your team first.


For students who already participate in relevant eisteddfod groups, we offer the opportunity to take on eisteddfod solos. These solos are considered a reward for the hard work put into their class and troupe work, they are a wonderful way for students to hone in their technical and performance skills.

Our aim is for personal best from each student as many eisteddfods are highly competitive and we demand good sportsman ship from all teachers, students and parents. Not all results will be what the student wants, and resilience and determination to keep working hard are the qualities needed from these dedicated students.

As a representative of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio it is of upmost importance that we look and act professional at all times.


All music and choreography used for class, solos and/or troupe, is the property of The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. It is not to be performed and/or filmed and shown to anyone outside the studio for any reason without the approval of the Director, Joanne Simms.

Choreography is taught for the sole purpose of use whilst a student is actively enrolled at The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio. If a student permanently leaves, they no longer have the rights to the choreography/music. Misuse of such, either by a current student or previous student, falls under the laws of copyright.